German Travnikov

Collection of works


The "Among the fields" series

Meadow in blossom

Meadow in blossom. 2001. Oil

Autumn dawn

Autumn dawn. 1999. Oil

In fields

In fields. 2001. Oil

Unharvested field

Unharvested field. 1999. Oil

Field of quails

Field of quails. 2003. Oil


Mound. 1970. Acril

Strawberry glade

Strawberry glade. 1997. Oil

September in meadows

September in meadows. 1998. Oil

Native speech

Native speech. 1999. Oil

Burn down straw at a mound

Burn down straw at a mound. 1969. Oil

The magic of the eyes

The magic of the eyes. 2000. Oil

Shkodino. Evening

Shkodino. Evening. 2001. Oil

In meadows

In meadows. 1994. Oil

Evening field

Evening field. 2003. Oil


Summer. 1990. Oil

Dropwort in blossom

Dropwort in blossom. 1999. Oil

Above a pond

Above a pond. 1999. Oil

The first snow

The first snow. 1992. Oil


Lull. 1999. Oil

The snow has thawed

The snow has thawed. 1973. Oil

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