German Travnikov

Collection of works


The "Forests" series

Before snow

Before snow. 1998. Oil

Spring in the forest

Spring in the forest. 1998. Oil

Disturbed day

Disturbed day. 1987. Oil

First thawed patches

First thawed patches. 1963. Oil

May forest

May forest. 2000. Oil

The snow is descended

The snow is descended. 1998. Oil

The last snow

The last snow. 1972. Oil

Snow descend

Snow descend. 1970. Oil

Autumn light

Autumn light. 1995. Oil

Mushroom forest

Mushroom forest. 1998. Oil


Evening. 2003. Oil

Grow dark

Grow dark. 2003. Oil

Way into forest. Redkino

Way into forest. Redkino. 2004. Oil

Way into forest

Way into forest. 2002. Oil

Autumn forest

Autumn forest. 1994. Oil

Snow glade

Snow glade. 2002. Oil

Saucer lake

Saucer lake. 1999. Oil

Autumn Utyak

Autumn Utyak. 1998. Oil


Utyak. 1998. Oil

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